01 ䷀

sublime success, furthering reality through eternal perseverance; harmony in an entropic stasis foretold several times.

02 ䷁

as the earth ages a moment, a human lifetime slips by. it is seldom unwise to seek guidance when the footpath is well trodden.

03 ䷂

supreme successes are yet to be undertaken. self-made magnates magnetise money, never nothing; a helping hand tightens around a cold shoulder.

04 ䷃

the first sentence our oracle performs will inform; two or three times, it is importunity, inaction, infinite information.

05 ䷄

the lightness of sincerity brings good fortune to crossing the empty horizon lying dormant ahead.

06 ䷅

sincere obstruction. cautiously halt or proceed endward; first, visit the abode starlit at all times. each conscious choice is an invisible veil.

07 ䷆

an aimless army navigates a battlefield blamelessly, those with society in their sights strengthen obscure obituaries over other occasions.

08 ䷇

allied avatars atone and ascend; it is imperative to inquire. uncertain sheep flock still, and those late home perish.

09 ䷈

as dense clouds surround the mind's throne, the unassuming assumes great influence over a distance.

10 ䷉

the space between the foundations of future cityscapes escape the chaotic static surrounding this thought-dress.

11 ䷊

leave your things behind while colliding futures ripple through the momentary bliss before the psychosensory onslaught of waking reality. tomorrow's beauty relies on the past's horrors.

12 ䷋

stand more still than the trees that envy your bipedal discourse with this planet; as successes fade, joy can be found in the remnents of this love.

13 ䷌

perseverance is a superior anarchic tool of progression. the distance between an awakened goal and grounded awakening dwarfs giant echelon escapists, causing them to submit to the ocean's majesty.

14 ䷍

clarity and strength unite to dispose of unwanted failure.

15 ䷎

modest successes and arrogant failures litter the history of humankind; those thieves you are taught to remember are, at the very least, follow through on their desires.

16 ䷏

it would further you to employ workers to march for your cause.

17 ䷐

follow or be followed; neither always correct. take a step back before departing, or sprint into the astral mists of human's progress. either choice blameless.

18 ䷑

before, for three days, plan. after, for three days, reflect.

19 ䷒

eight months of misfortune.

20 ䷓

they watch them wash, full of trust, yet offer nothing.

21 ䷔

let justice be administered by those who hold the majority of the situation's knowledge.

22 ䷕

start that project immediately. small successes are dynamic foundations to long-lasting contentment.

23 ䷖

do not leave yet.

24 ䷗

leave the hood and come back; friends come and go, as do waves lapping at the shore. if you have somewhere to go, stay seven days.

25 ䷘

supreme success follows this perseverance; if somebody is not who they should be, watch their back and inexplicably delay their movements.

26 ䷙

do not eat inside your home, break barriers if necessary.

27 ䷚

pay heed to those providing nourishment to your establishment. be mindful of what people wish to nourish themselves with when nobody looks.

28 ䷛

it is often best to leave and begin anew, especially in an instant society.

29 ䷜

if you are sincere, you have success in your heart.

30 ䷝

caring for a cow brings harmony to your settlement, yet it is vital to merge this peaceful process with the maturity of the city which only exists internally.

31 ䷞

influential successes further social heirarchy; taking a partner would be admired by several important benefactors.

32 ䷟

there can be no blame if your exit is completed in a disarming fashion; without a safe-house, the roads are endless.

33 ䷠

success depends on smaller increments of success.

34 ䷡

continue always.

35 ䷢

power begets power; three times you shall be heard. make sure what you have to say is understood with the correct interpretation.

36 ䷣

when each avenue is an alleway of adversity, it is better to back bravery than allow an adverse ascension through cowardly communication cut with a cow's courage.

37 ䷤

feminine energy abounds and furthers your cause; using this moment to meet the masculine head on will deepen the struggle.

38 ䷥

meander around your settlement as water profession a helicoidal flow. find fortune unlikely in scope; the smallest profit can be considered prophetical.

39 ䷦

south-west expeditions will be beneficial, north-east summons a silent wasteland where time becomes meaninglessly important. seek counsel when offered.

40 ䷧

southern energy delights sensory materialism, in this instance. without a destination, arrive; without a journey, depart.

41 ䷨

sincere decrease brings blameless fortune. the project is waiting for completion, so sacrifice two small bowls to your settlement.

42 ䷩

commit yourself to the labourious tedium of the great journey all refuse to undertake. there is seldom success in inaction.

43 ䷪

if a conflict arises, it is important to truthfully announce this information to the monarch's company, although your settlement must be aware first. arms bring danger given those present.

44 ䷫

do not submit to partnership if the power is inequally weighted between each individual.

45 ䷬

as the monarch approaches the temple, visit wisdom with an offering befiting the travelling monarch. seek success.

46 ䷭

with no fear visit the elder in your settlement. depart southward if they are unamused with your disturbance.

47 ䷮

the elder brings a great fortune. do not accept blame; they will not believe you either way.

48 ䷯

although the settlement will transform beyond recognition, some vital supply routes remain the same. ensure you are on the record, in some form.

49 ䷰

people will believe you on your day. with no remorse, nor supremacy, increase your communication network.

50 ䷱

excellent production will ensure a beautiful ascension.

51 ䷲

shocking success! humour abounds the settlement, while terror speeds through sub-orbital speeds globally.

52 ䷳

spirtual ascension cannot be caged in a digital universe; entranced, meet with the others. your settlement will cope with your temporary absence.

53 ䷴

an associate will delay leaving if treated to moments of good fortune.

54 ䷵

inaction furthers.

55 ䷶

wealth and warmth stretch through each networked individual, and the monarch will take the appearance of the midday sun.

56 ䷷

wander wider to attain a fortune undescribed by this reality.

57 ䷸

the elder of the settlement will not employ you to undertake his true task. leave to the safe-house. you must return to the settlement when it appears completed.

58 ䷹

the clear water in the lake will bring joy to the enemies of the state; for this reason, we will march relentlessly.

59 ䷺

the event will end, and as the crowd thins, those scattered souls remaining will find solace in slow movements.

60 ䷻

limits to sucess are enforced by the foundations laid previously; let your successes overflow like wine in a golden age.

61 ䷼

the inner truth of a human is no different to that of a pig or a fish. armed with this knowledge, depart quickly.

62 ䷽

the thunder enshrines the mountain with the reality of the almighty. the monarch must bow lower than the elder. a bird in flight carries an important message; below above, above below.

63 ䷾

the start, if successful and profitable, will be a small part of the chapter to follow. disordered endings need not damage relationships.

64 ䷿

be mindful of the way the water will carry a flame in ecological catastrophes. inaction isn't invisible.